5 Benefits of a #30DayLifeDetox


Hello, it’s me…lol

Over the past 30 days I have been on what I call a “life detox.” After discovering some extremely disappointing truths, I found myself slumping into a negative headspace. I slowly started to spiral out of control due to letting my emotions govern my actions. And it was obvious to anyone that saw me both in person, or on social media. I needed more than just a hand wave in front of my face to snap me back into the present. I needed to really focus, and channel my emotions inward to get back to the woman I used to know.

I decided to set some real boundaries for myself on how I would navigate through life going forward. I chose to follow the rules below for 30 days to help get me back on the right path:

  •  No alcoholic beverages
  •  No social media
  •  Spending more time with God on a daily basis (prayer, church, reading the bible, etc)
  •  Active journaling
  •  Seeking advice from elders I respect
  •  Working out consistently

Note: I made these rules up for myself while driving from Detroit back to Chicago on March 20th

The first week in was ROUGH. I felt like the days were so long, and I had too much idle time. I couldn’t remember what on earth I used to do before everyone started watching other people share their life moments and thoughts online. But after week two I completely forgot about social media. I filled my time with things that actually benefited my life. I gained so much by simply focusing on myself.

I gained things like:

1. Being in the moment again
Before my life detox, I always had my phone in my hand. If I wasn’t watching someone’s story on snapchat, I was producing my own, taking pictures for the purpose of sharing on Instagram/Facebook, or tweeting my thoughts. For whatever reason, I felt the need to document almost every moment, and share it with the world. I now find it easier to connect with whoever I need to connect with in a direct way, then put my phone away to give whatever I’m doing at the time my undivided attention.

2. Self control
Earlier I mentioned that I started to lose control over my emotions. I was saying and doing hurtful things not only to others, but to my personal & professional brand as well. By unplugging myself from things that cloud judgment and perceptions I began dealing with my emotions in a more productive way, like journaling and talking to people that actually care about my well being. I still allow myself to feel… but I try to set aside a specific time to work through those feelings instead of granting them the power to takeover my entire being throughout the day.

3. Increased productivity
Although I was never a huge social media junkie (I’m more of a contributor than faithful viewer) I will admit that I dedicated at least 30 minutes or more of my mornings and afternoons/evening to seeing who else was active after I had just posted some content on IG, or catching up on SnapChat. I now fill those idle moments with reading, praying, and planning the things about my future that can be controlled. I joined a Virtuous Woman’s prayer group (we share God’s word 2-3 times throughout the week via email), and I also joined a women’s fitness program at a CrossFit gym near my house where we meet 3 times a week.


I finish most of my work faster, and use the extra time that I have with things that feed my mind with positivity.

4. More focus on self / Feeling empowered
I’m in my zone. I’m doing what I want to do, when I want to do it without any regard to others. At this point in my life, no ones happiness matters more than my own. And even though I still have some really crummy days, I feel good about what I’m doing for myself and the pace that I’m going. I’m working to become a better version of myself, and I’m not sidetracked by anyone else’s broadcasted journey – I had to remind myself again that happiness cannot coexist with comparing your own journey with another person’s.


5. Strengthened relationships
The best relationship that has improved is my personal relationship with God. I’ve spent more time with Him and learning the word these past 30 days than I have in a LONG time (don’t judge me!). He has been my source of strength, hope, and has been working overtime through my friends and family that have been a great support system for me. It’s not a day that goes by that I don’t get a sermon, scripture, or a simple “you crossed my mind today” phone call/text. I’m beyond grateful! 🙏

A LOT of changes have happened over the past year leading up to my current mindset – I chose to shift my focus from makeup artistry in LA (something that I loved since I was a little girl) to pursue a new career track, relocated to Chicago, and restructured my circle. Everything happened so fast, both the highs and lows, but my faith is growing in the midst of it all and that’s what really matters. Moving forward, I’m going to continue applying most of the life detox boundaries to my life – like spending more time with God, capturing my thoughts on paper, gaining wisdom from my elders, working out regularly, and only dedicating a small time frame to social media (5-10min a day, if that).Giving up alcohol wasn’t too hard for me since I’m not a big drinker, but I can definitely see myself kicking back with a glass of wine in the near future. 🙂

Life is too short to constantly waste time and energy on things that don’t contribute to your progression.

What are your thoughts on life detoxes? Have you ever done one? I challenge everyone reading this to try my #30dayLifeDetox and share some the things you learn about yourself while being unplugged.


Ps. I have to admit, this detox was really challenging! I definitely fell short a few times, and I did allow myself one cheat day (after week three) to post a pic while visiting one of my best friends in FL… But hey, I’m only human. 🙂

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