January 2016 Favorites


Can you believe we are in February of 2016 already!? It’s scary how fast the days and weeks fly by! It feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and New Years yesterday… Seriously.

Anyways, I wanted to start a new “series” where I post my current favorite things at the end of each month. I always see a lot of bloggers doing this and really enjoy their posts so why not chime in too!

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3 Things You Need to Ban Hair Bumps Forever


Do you ever struggle with annoying hair bumps after waxing or shaving? If so, I don’t eveeeeen have to explain how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be. But what I can do is share a few tips that have helped me prevent hair bumps and the dark marks they tend to leave!

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Product Review – Kryolan 9260 Perfect Matt

Kryolan Perfect Matt

Hey guys! I recently purchased the Kryolan 9260 Perfect Matt makeup primer from Nigels in NoHo and I’m sorry to say that I am not a fan! Although I do feel that it does make my makeup look more smooth on my skin, I still find myself blotting oil off of my face every couple of hours throughout the day. Continue reading “Product Review – Kryolan 9260 Perfect Matt”

Product Review: LM Secret Camouflage

Now, let me first start off by saying I’m a huge fan of Laura Mercier products – but I’m not sure that her Secret Camouflage concealer is for me… I love the two shades that it comes with, but the texture isn’t that great for those who have fine lines/tired looking eyes. Even after you warm the product up with your finger it does not lay nicely on the skin without some sort of hydrating eye cream (applied before). I’m not sure if this is something that others have noticed with this product, but that is why I said I’m not sure if it’s for me. BUT, I will keep in mind that I’m going through some “eye issues” at the moment, so the first thing I am going to do is switch my night eyecream, then I will re-review this product!


Do you have this product? What are your thoughts on it?


Product Review: Adora – Kat Von D

I bought this perfume on Black Friday because it was $10 (not only am I a perfume freak, but I cannot pass up a sale lol), and I actually like it a lot! It goes on kind of strong/spicey-ish, but after about 15minutes it mellows out to a soft floral scent with a little bit of edge! It lasts all day, and it’s also one of those perfumes that lingers after you walk past (yesssss)!! I would definitely recommend this scent to someone if you’re looking for a not too expensive day-to-day scent. So if you get a Sephora gift card for Christmas, here’s one thing you can spend it on!

Described by Sephora to be a passionate, soulful, & complex mixture of Lynchee, Boysenberry, Thyme, Cassis, Hyacinth, Jasmin, Mango, Patchouli, Sheer Musk, and Amber Wood… Basically a fruity, floral scent! 🙂

Adora by Kat Von D, $18 – Click here!