Interviews That Give Life: Transformational Relationships

Last week a friend shared the interview below with me and it really spoke to me. If you are currently reevaluating the relationships in your life (be it romantic, friendship, or professional), this interview is for you too… It’s a little long but so worth it!

Some of my favorite quotes from the interview:

  • “People are like elevators. The right people will take you up, and the wrong people will take you down.”
  • “The worst thing you can give someone is what they used to need.”
  • “Secret places always lead to secret battles that lead to secret honey.”
  • “Some people abort their future on the altar of their past.”
  • Greatest relationship mistake: Too much + Too soon + Too freely = A Disaster
  • “Value is assessed by what you are willing to sacrifice.”
  • “The Holy spirit will lead us into our truth.”
  • “You cannot trust a person that will not show you their wounds.”
  • “You need a partner, not a project.”

After watching this interview, I for sure need to get my hands on Van Moody’s book, “The People Factor: How Building Great Relationships and Ending Bad Ones Unlocks Your God-Given Purpose.” Cyber book club anyone?! 🙂

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