Francesca Tolot talks “One Woman 100 Faces” & Makeup Tricks with Harpers Bazaar

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Makeup genius Francesca Tolot just created one of the most exciting art books all makeup lovers need to own by year-end. She collaborated with photographer Alberto Tolot to create 100 transformations on only one model, Mitzi Martin, in One Woman 100 Faces ($35,

If you aren’t excited yet, need I remind you that Francesca has worked with literally all of the top celebs in the industry, including Beyoncé for over 10 years! With that being said, Bey even wrote a foreword for Francesca’s book!

Recently Tolot sat with Harpers Bazaar to talk about her new art book, inspiration, and makeup tricks. Here are a few highlights below:

On Beyoncé writing the foreword:

This was extremely special , I feel very blessed, loved, and appreciated. I still can’t believe she actually did it! Her generosity is beyond. I think the part of her forward that she says, “She is the only artist I trust will bring out a beauty in me I didn’t even know existed,” my thoughts on that statement are that her beauty to me is so multi-faceted and complete that makes it effortless to create anything on her. I love our connection.

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Ameriie for Sheen Magazine

So glad this finally dropped – This was the very first shoot that I assisted AJ Crimson (Celebrity Makeup Artist)! It was such an experience and great opportunity… and what’s even cooler is that I actually did the braid that is on the cover and one other picture from her spread lol!!! Ameriie was amazing! She’s so beautiful inside and out! I was already a fan, but working with her made me love her even more. 🙂

Photographer: James Hickey | MUA: AJ CRIMSON (Britt Garrison Asst.) | Publication: Sheen Magazine