The things that truly interest me now are almost mind-boggling when I look at where I was mentally just a few years ago. Not to say that I am a completely different person (because I still replace dinner with cereal, buy “pack panties”, and argue with my 16 year old sister like I’m in high school too LOL) but a lot has changed for sure!

Here my top 10 moments when I realized I’m “getting old”:

  1. On Fridays, I used to go to the mall with my friends to find a new outfit for the club. Now I can’t even fathom the idea of going out on a Friday. M-F is too exhausting, and I would much rather spend that money on food to cook at home while watching Netflix in my PJs.
  2. When I do go out, I’m constantly thinking about how much of a bad idea it was to go. LOL
  3. My sister has “the juice” when it comes to the latest music and beauty products.
  4. All of my heels need a gel insert in them no matter the style. Somewhere between age 21 and 26 it feels like I lost all of the natural padding in the ball of my foot.
  5. Pinterest is life. It’s become my go-to for new recipes, DIYs, and interior design ideas.
  6. I value having insurance and a steady pay. I took it for granted in the past and learned the hard way! My ailments are expensive… Thanks to Ice Skating, my body feels like a 60 year old’s!
  7. Grocery shopping and cleaning on Sunday mornings is therapeutic.
  8. I can’t remember any of my damn passwords for all of these apps and websites. WTF.
  9. I’m realizing that my parents (and grandparents) were right about almost everything:
    • “Take care of yourself/your body while you’re young and able. It will be harder when you get older.”
    • “If you stop playing in your hair, it’ll grow.”
    • “Don’t rush growing up.”
    • “Having good credit is important.”
    • “Having a savings is good, but don’t be afraid to enjoy your money too – You can’t take it with you.”
    • “You can’t treat people on the street better than you treat your family. Family will always be family.”
    • “Stop diagnosing yourself via WebMD.”
    • “Always trust your intuition.”
    • “Be careful of what you say when you are upset. You can’t unring a bell.”
    • “No one can ride your back unless it’s bent.”
    • “A bullet don’t have a name on it. It could hit anyone.”
  10. I’m much less of a people pleaser than I was before. Doing what I want to do, and saying ‘No’ to things I don’t want or like is a lot easier than it used to be. #freedom


Have you looked back at your life an realized how much you have evolved? What are some things you do now, that you didn’t in the past?

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