Chat with Britt

Reader: Hi! I just had to tell you that you have fabulous skin and I’m so jealous! Can you give me advice on how to clear up my skin? I have the clarisonic now and I use it every night only and it’s helping a little but not how I expected it to clear me up!:( it’s my 3rd week using it btw

Britt Garrison: Omg thank you!! My skin is far from perfect but it has come a long way over the years. I’ve cracked down on so much for better skin too – from the makeup I use to the food I eat. So your compliment is very appreciated!! As for your clarisonic, sometimes it truly takes a month or two for a new regimen to show improvements. I would definitely recommend keep using it as the vibrations do help rid buildup from pores and the buffing improves skin texture. Plus you’re already on week three and can see some changes happening so i think it’ll be worth sticking to it. BUT, a few days ago I also posted some skin clearing tips that you might want to checkout to dig deeper than your exfoliator! Here’s the link

Hope that helps! I know acne can be a pain 😦
Thanks again for reaching out and the compliment!

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